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Eagle Custom Golf Carts is an authorized distributor for Trojan Batteries and Royal Batteries and is centrally located in Fort Pierce Florida. We can pick up and return your golf cart(s) or change batteries on premise.

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As the energy needs of our customers continue to evolve, so do Trojan batteries. Trojan Battery engineers are working continually to improve our products, and provide even greater battery performance for the equipment Trojan batteries power. Advancements such as:

• Trojan’s C-Max Technology™
• Smart Carbon™
• T2 Technology™
• Alpha Plus® Paste
• Maxguard®

Trojan understands the importance of powering your essential needs.

Deep-cycle batteries used in off-grid and unstable grid applications are heavily cycled at partial state of charge (PSOC). Operating at PSOC on a regular basis can quickly diminish the overall life of a battery, which results in frequent and costly battery replacements.

To address the impact of PSOC on deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy (RE), inverter and telecom backup applications, Trojan Battery has now included Smart Carbon™ as a standard feature in its Solar Industrial and Solar Premium flooded battery lines.

Trojan Battery Company – Powering What Matters

Based on more than five years of research and development by Trojan’s engineering team, Smart Carbon is Trojan’s proprietary formula which provides improved performance when the batteries operate in PSOC, enhancing overall battery life in applications where the batteries are under charged on a regular basis. The addition of Smart Carbon builds on Trojan’s commitment to provide deep-cycle batteries that offer long cycle life, durable design and consistent power day in and day out. Trojan Battery Company – Powering What Matters.